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Business Systems development


Are you running any business system currently?

If your answer is yes, you will know how valuable to have a business system and how it improves the overall productivity of the business. If you don’t have any business system running at this moment, you might be wasting your resources and might not be getting the best output from them. An effective business system will improve the resources usage and reduce the overall business costs. It is not easy to optimize your business system to provide the maximum output unless if the system cannot deliver 100% what is expected. We do business systems development right by delivering exactly what you expect from the system.

What can we do?

We will closely analyse your business requirements and propose improvements or a new system per your situation. If it is a customized solution, we will develop the system. We always develop web based system to make sure that it can be accessed from anywhere. It also enhances the security of your business system and can be exposed to third parties with limited access by developing an API. This is beneficial for lead generation and any other customer related functionality. We use the latest industry practices and technology to make sure that you will get the best for what you pay. We will train you and your staff and provide ongoing support and enhancements.

What kinds of systems we do?

  • CRMs
  • HR
  • Booking
  • Big data analytics
  • Transaction processing
  • Information Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Quoting
  • Estimation
  • Any other custom business functionality

How long will it take?

It will depend on your business requirement and how often you communicate with us. If it is a customization of a third-party system, it will roughly take 2-6 months. If it is a custom system to be built from the scratch it can take up to 12 months depending on the requirement. We follow an iterative approach for custom systems where a selected most important set of functionality will be implemented for the first version and will make it usable by the business. Next versions will contain the next set of most important functionality.


Sam has been working as a web based business systems development professional for more than 10 years. He has gained a ton of experience on developing custom business systems with latest technology and security principles. He personally works on all the projects applying best industry practices and will make sure that you will get the best solution. We also open a demo environment for you to check the progress of the project at any time and add your feedback. All the project related communication will be documented and managed in a single system.

Kris Bondin

Sam is always helpful with regards to working through scenarios and new projects. I’ve found that Sam was able to deliver timely on requests.
I enjoy working with Sam.
Keep up the good work.

Doug Macdonnell
Trapeze Technology Group, LLC

Sam provided professional services for more than 2 years to our tech consulting firm. His skill set proved invaluable across the enterprise including PHP. He customize a suite of services to meet our needs. His availability at all hours was particularly important throughout our transition. His ability to communicate with our team at *all* hours proved invaluable to our mission critical development. I’m sure we will benefit from his services again in the near future.

Matt Couch
RevHook Media
Managing Partner

Sampath has proven to be a very reliable and cost effective way to help grow my business online. His web design capabilities are top notch and for the price they are simply unbeatable. Through several years of working with him he has shown to be very dependable and will always go the extra step to make sure a job is completed to your complete satisfaction. If you are in need of a web designer or want to grow your business online, Sampath can be a very valuable asset. I would highly recommend Sampath and will continue to use him for future projects.

Jehan Fernando First Royal
Jehan Fernando
First Royal Holdings

Sam just completed the delivery of version 1 of First Royal Web site. This site was done in a timely manner and meticulously. Sam has the skill and dedication that can be converted to real deal in designing Web pages. This testimony will stand as Sam is more than capable in his work with a high positive attitude. We wish Sam and his Web Chef good luck!


Are you ready to make a positive decision?

If you are interested in discussing your business system requirement further with us, please use the following form to contact us. Sam will respond you within 24 hours.