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How cloud based software can help you to increase your business performance

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“Cloud” is a term used in computer programming world to define a computing space which doesn’t have any limitation on location or infrastructure. Like a real cloud in the sky, the computing space can be in anywhere and if something goes wrong, it can use another resource to provide the computing capacity. Cloud based software has many benefits which will help you to increase your business performance. In this post, I will describe the main benefits that you can reap from cloud based software.


Reduced cost

Any business planning to invest on computing infrastructure including servers, expensive software and other networking peripherals if it is planning to implement a business system. The cost can vary from few thousands of dollars to millions.  Trained professionals to maintain the whole system needs to be recruited. Cloud based systems eliminate this initial cost involved. Instead, most of the time, you simply should pay for the usage per month. Sometimes it is for resources usage for services like AWS(Amazon Web Services) or you have to pay per user per month for services like Xero, Salesforece and Bamboo HR. This is great relief for any business, especially for startups. This also removes the headache of system maintenance and cost involved.


You have a great flexibility

When your business grows with increased number of sales and staff, a time comes to upgrade your computing infrastructure including business servers and technicians to cater the demand. Most of the time the computing capacity of the infrastructure in a business can be higher than the required amount for the system or lower than the required capacity during peak times. It is not possible to scale up or down according to sudden changes in capacity demand if the business system is not cloud based. A cloud based system will allow you to scale the resources according your capacity demand very easily and quickly. You can also cancel the subscription or contract whenever you want.


Automated disaster recovery

Unless you have enough money to invest on third party expertise on disaster recovery of your business system, you will be in trouble if something goes wrong and you will lose important and sensitive data of your business and customers. Cloud based systems eliminate this by automating the process at a comparably low cost.


Increased collaboration between the parties involved in the business


Almost all cloud based business systems and software increase the mobility and accessibility by allowing any authorized person to access the system from anywhere, even from a mobile phone. It also facilitates create, edit and share documents easily among each other and even add real time comments, or modifications by various parties involved. This improves  GSuite, Confluence and Base CRM are some good examples.


Increased security and data integrity

Imagine if you or an employee lost a laptop or tablet containing valuable information of the business. For a moment just assume that that laptop contained the accounting software and all the sales data of last few years. I don’t think I need to describe how terrible you will feel. Also imagine what will happen if that data has been stolen by someone and use them for an illegal practice. If you are using a cloud based software, you don’t have to worry about this. Nothing is saved in your local computer. Everything is saved in the cloud securely and there is nothing to fear about data lost. It also facilitates the versioning specially for documents which are modified regularly so that you can easily switch between versions of edits if something goes wrong.


Increased opportunities for competitiveness

All the cloud based software are built with enterprise grade technology and provides access for anyone for a small monthly fee. This means that a startup or a small business can act faster than big competitors and make better decisions on business opportunities and faster changing business environments.


I assume that you have gained a better knowledge on how cloud based software can improve your business performance and profits after reading this. If you need any help on selecting the most suitable cloud based software for your business and configuring them for your needs, please use the following form to contact me for consultation.